Mad God

Poster Mad God

An immersion into the underbelly of a world in ruins where we follow The Assassin. His dark designs get lost in a maze of strange landscapes, home to a wondrous and scary fauna.

The film of a lifetime, almost, for this brilliant stop-motion craftsman, who brought us Jurassic Park's or Starship Troopers' spectacular effects. Started over 30 years ago (!) and stretching the limits of imagination, Mad God is like a nightmarish trip into his subconscious. This feverish journey through an infernal bestiary surrounded by machines and demiurgic settings, saturates our senses. No doubt, Phil Tippet is our God and his film is totally insane.

Mad God.

Color - 83mn - Sound
Direction: Phil Tippett.
Production: Phil Tippett.
Screenplay: Phil Tippett.
Editing: Ken Rogerson.
Photography: Chris Morley, Phil Tippett.
Music by: Dan Wool.
With: Alex Cox, Niketa Roman, Satish Ratakonda, Harper Taylor, Brynn Taylor.
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