Bloody oranges

Poster Bloody oranges

A couple of retirees, covered in debt, enters a rock contest.  A minister is suspected of tax evasion. A teenage girl meets a sex maniac. This is the France of today, and the night is young.

After a very libertarian film in form and substance that was Apnée (Apnea), the unruly founder of Les Chiens de Navarre raises the ante, in an even more devastating political vein, casually moving from absurd comedy to the trashiest humor, and even flirting with tragedy. If the assumed bad taste shocked more than one person at the film's Cannes screening, comedy is here a disguise for an immense anger, painting a harsh portrait of our society. Blood Oranges mistreats us, but only for our own good.

Oranges sanguines.

Color - 102mn - French
Direction: Jean-Christophe Meurisse.
Production: Marine Bergere, Romain Daubeach, Alice Girard.
Screenplay: Yohann Gloaguen, Jean-Christophe Meurisse, Amélie Philippe.
Editing: Flora Volpelière.
Photography: Javier Ruiz Gomez.
With: Alexandre Steiger, Christophe Paou, Lilith Grasmug, Denis Podalydès, Blanche Gardin, Vincent Dedienne.
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