Killer butterfly

Poster Killer butterfly

Kim Young-gul barely escapes death after a strange woman tried to poison his drink. She wants to end her life and take a fellow traveller with her. He's since retained an attraction for suicide and looks for any way to end his life. He meets a strange book seller who believes only in the will to live and declares himself immortal...

It's inconceivable that Kim Ki-young, the great master of frantic melodrama with sentiments as wild as his colors and photography are flamboyant, is still so little-known today. With its title worthy of a giallo, this morbid Edgar Allan Poe like poem, trivial and sublime, throws the most mundane everyday life into a dark unbarred romanticism, inhabited by two thousand year old women, skulls separated from their bodies and venomous love. A true splendor.

Salinnabileul ggotneun yeoja.

New print
Color - 110mn - Original version with English subtitles
South Korea.
Drama, Fantasy.
Direction: Kim Ki-young.
Production: Jeong Jin-woo.
Screenplay: Lee Mun-woong.
Editing: Kim Hui-su.
Photography: Lee Seong-chun.
Music by: Han Sang-gi.
With: Kim Ja-ok, Kim Jeong-cheol, Kim Man, Namkung Won.
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