The sadness

Poster The sadness

When an apparently harmless virus mutates in Taiwan, the pandemy transforms the inhabitants into uncontrolable monsters acting on primary impulses : torture, rape and murder. The lives of Jim and Kat, a happy young couple, turns into a nightmare.

When a Canadian filmmaker living in Taiwan investigates our true fears in the darkest of his fantasies, he gives birth to what is probably the most unbearable film of the festival. You have been warned: jumping back into Category III , Ron Jabbaz offers a maelstrom of violence and horrors perpetrated by his terrifying infected beings - the make-up is incredible - but in which love nevertheless attempts to survive. Complacency has no place when fear and sorrow insidiously creep into the genre. Behold our apocalypse.

The sadness.

Color - 99mn - Original version with English subtitles
Direction: Rob Jabbaz.
Production: David Barker, Eunice Cheng, Li-Cheng Huang.
Screenplay: Rob Jabbaz.
Editing: Rob Jabbaz.
Photography: Jie-Li Bai.
Music by: Tzechar.
With: Regina Lei, Tzu-Chiang Wang, Berant Zhu.
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