Born in 1955, Pierre Bordage is, no less, the greatest French contemporary science fiction writer. Mainly exploring space opera and fantasy, in the wake of Philip José Farmer, he unleashes his essential humanism through epic lyrical sagas for which he's received many awards (Imaginaire Grand Prize in 1994, Imaginales Prize in 2018…). It is indeed the human individuals and their meanderings that are at the inspiration for Les Guerriers du Silence (The Warriors of Silence), Wang, his trilogy Prophecies or for Paris Métro 2033, (a French echo to Russian writer Dmitry Glukhovsky Metro trilogy), of which the second volume has just been released. "Science-fiction is often used as a magnifying lens to better define what animates humans in peculiar circumstances", says Pierre Bordage. His work illustrates the fundamental essence of fantasy literature, in its political and metaphysical aspects, where uchronias and far away worlds mirror our own, anticipating for better prevention: for him, there's still hope for our civilisations. It seems logical that his path should cross that of the Nantes Utopiales - a name that seems dedicated to him - that he headed from 2000 to 2011. Not constrained to the novel form, he's also co-scripted several movies among which Marc Caro's unfairly disparaged Dante 01. He honors us by sharing his cinephilic crushes in this carte blanche. Welcome to one of the last survivors of those parallel worlds, a concerned observer and an unfathomable dreamer.

Dark crystal

Dark crystal

Jim Henson, Frank Oz
USA, United Kingdom
Animation, Heroic fantasy, Adventure

11-09-2021 16H30
Non toccare la donna bianca

Don't touch the white woman!

(Non toccare la donna bianca)
Marco Ferreri
France, Italia
Western, Comedy

10-09-2021 17H00


Alan Clarke
United Kingdom

10-09-2021 19H30
Model shop

The model shop

(Model shop)
Jacques Demy
France, USA

11-09-2021 19H30
Avoir vingt ans dans les Aurès

To Be Twenty in the Aures

(Avoir vingt ans dans les Aurès)
René Vautier
War, Drama

12-09-2021 16H15 Ville de Paris Chaos Reign VDM: Video Digital Multimedia La Spirale Geek le mag Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication - DRAC Île de France Lobster films Canal+
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