L'Étrange Festival - XXIInd edition - September 7 - 18 2016
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La fiancée des ténèbres poster La fiancée des ténèbres
La fiancée des ténèbres poster

La fiancée des ténèbres

La fiancée des ténèbres - 1944 - Black and white - 90 mn - French - France - Fantasy
Direction : Serge de Poligny. Production : Marc Le Peletier, Éclair-Journal. Screenplay : Serge de Poligny, Gaston Bonheur. Editing : Jean Feyte. Photography : Roger Hubert. Music by : Marcel Mirouze. With : Pierre Richard-Willm, Jany Holt, Line Noro, Robert Dhéry.

In Carcassonne, Roland meets a young woman in black, who thinks she’s the victim of a curse that prevents her from loving or being loved. 

The Devil's hand,Les Visiteurs du soir, Sideral cruises…If French cinema in the Occupation era frequently dealt with fantastic elements, its most remarkable examples are most certainly The phantom baron (with dialogues penned by Cocteau) and this Fiancée des ténèbres, two films directed by Serge de Poligny. The director adapts a short story by Gaston Bonheur, and sends Pierre Richard-Willm on a paganist initiatory journey. The film was received with a lack of understanding when it was first released. Nowadays, it’s held as a masterpiece.

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Saturday 10 September 2016 - 22:15 - Cinema Gaumont Les Fauvettes
Wednesday 14 September 2016 - 20:00 - Cinema Gaumont Les Fauvettes
Saturday 17 September 2016 - 17:50 - Cinema Gaumont Les Fauvettes