L'Étrange Festival - XXIInd edition - September 7 - 18 2016
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On the silver globe poster On the silver globe
On the silver globe poster

On the silver globe

Na srebrnym globie - New print - 1976 / 1988 - Color - 166 mn - Original version with French subtitles - Poland - Science-fiction
Direction : Andrzej Zulawski. Production : Zespól Filmowy "Kadr". Screenplay : Andrzej Zulawski. Editing : Krzysztof Osiecki. Photography : Andrzej Jaroszewicz. Music by : Andrzej Korzyński. With : Andrzej Seweryn, Jerzy Trela, Iwona Bielska, Grażyna Dyląg.

The relationships of a team of astronauts on a mission to colonize a distant planet will gradually deteriorate and turn into a bloodshed.

The success of The most important thing: love encouraged the Polish authorities to give Żuławski carte blanche for a new film project. The perfect occasion to adapt La Trilogie lunaire, a saga written by his great-uncle. A few days before the end of the shoot, the authorities shut the production down, destroyed the settings and the costumes and seized the footage. It will take Żuławski a decade to get a hold of the film stock and complete the film. A unique experience for a film as « sick » and incomplete as fascinating.

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Monday 12 September 2016 - 20:45 - Showroom 300 - In the presence of the historian of cinema Daniel Bird - Screening in partnership with Fixafilm, l'Institut Polonais de Paris and Studio Filmowe Kadr