L'Étrange Festival - XXIInd edition - September 7 - 18 2016
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Year of the Devil poster Year of the Devil
Year of the Devil poster

Year of the Devil

Rok dábla - 2002 - Color - 88 mn - Original version with English subtitles - Czech Republic - Mockumentary
Direction : Petr Zelenka. Production : Pavel Strnad. Screenplay : Petr Zelenka. Photography : Miro Gábor, David Charap. Music by : Jaromír Nohavica, Čechomor, Karel Holas. With : Jaromír Nohavica, Karel Plíhal, František Černý
French premiere.

Documentary filmmaker Jan Prent meets Czech folk singer Jaromir Naohavica during an AA meeting. He decides to follow the star as he tries to do his comeback, teaming up with guitar player Plíhal Karel and band Čechomor, as he is harrased by Jaz Coleman himself.

All sliders to boost! A cult movie in Czechoslovakia, Year of the devil gathers real stars of the local music scene in a delirious prank similar to This is Spinal Tap!; a mockumentary which happily busts the music world while introducing a supernatural tone, or even more dramatic and intimate elements. Guest-starring the leader of Killing Joke.

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Thursday 15 September 2016 - 21:45 - Showroom 100 - Presented by Jaz Coleman