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A day

Ha-roo - 2017 - Color - 90 mn Original version with English subtitles - South Korea - Drama, Fantasy
  • Direction
    Sun-ho Cho
  • Production
    Ji-eun Song, Sang-hak Lee
  • Screenplay
    Sun-ho Cho, Sang-hak Lee
  • Editing
    Min-Kyung Shin
  • Photography
    Ji-yong Kim
  • With
    Myung-min Kim, Yo-han Byeon, Hye-Sun Shin
  • Distribution France
  • International sales, festival
    Finecut Co., Ltd
European premiere - International competition

On his way back from a seminar, Jun-young witnesses an automobile accident. Among the victims are his daughter Eun-jung and another young woman, the spouse of an ambulance driver named Min-chul. Jun-young and Min-chul get caught in a temporal loop.

A newcomer to film directing, Cho Sun-ho (also the co-writer of the web-toon Deo) starts with a bang, with this thrilling take on Groundhog Day, that doesn’t just mimic its model, but plays with the laws of the genre and injects many moral issues and a serious reflection on mourning. Korean viewers were not mistaken when they made A Day a surprise hit.

Saturday 9 September 2017 - 14:45 - Showroom 500
Wednesday 13 September 2017 - 17:45 - Showroom 300
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