It's hard to classify all of Jackie Berroyer's activities as he refuses all labels and takes pleasure in hopping from one field to another with as much flippancy as success. He began a literary career by writing music reviews for the magazine Zinc, then for La Grande Gueule, Hara-Kiri and Charlie Hebdo. Simultaneously he signed novels (Je vieillis bien) and scripts for comics by Goudard (Gibrat) and Vuillemin (Raoul Teigneux contre les druzes). Cinema then naturally called upon him. After collaborating with Jean-François Stévenin on the script of Double Messieurs, that also saw him appear in front of the camera in a small part, he worked with Patrick Bouchitey (Lune Froide, Imposture) and Cedric Klapisch (Riens du tout).

In the early 90’s his book Berroyer's wife is prettier than you is adapted to film under the title A Storm in a glass of water. As an actor he works with Assayas, Chabrol, Mocky, Jaoui, and in 1993 he achieves TV fame by appearing in the famous Standard in Canal+'s Nulle Part Ailleurs. He then departed from a certain type of french cinema and surprised everyone by appearing in Calvaire, Fabrice du Welz's shocker, with whom he had already worked with, on Welz's first short five years earlier. He since keeps drifting through all theses activities as a dilettante, always with his half smile and his endearing offbeat timidity.

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  • Tuesday 11 september

    A Q&A will be held with director Bruno Dumont after the screening of COINCOIN ET LES Z'INHUMAINS 3 & 4.

  • Thursday 13 september

    A Q&A will be held with director Zhou Shengwei after the screening of SHE.