L'Étrange Festival - XXIInd edition - September 7 - 18 2016
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Thema: Freedom or Death!

Thema: Freedom or Death!

For over three centuries, man has always fought to impose, in vain, another «governmental mode». The very definition of terrorism. « Show me a hero and I will write a tragedy », said Fitzgerald. It didn’t take more to the film industry to get a hold of this quote: the paragons of a lost cause are the perfect icons of a rebellious youth.

Proud standard bearers of the reject of the system, regardless of time and place in history, anarchists, nihilists or extremists of all kinds, whether they use armed violence, a radical discourse or a « softer » form of contestation, they were the golden age for the entertainment industry, always on the lookout for any interesting topic. For better or for worse, from the terrorists of the IRA seen by Hollywood to caricatured revolutionary groups,  since cinema has frequently shaped, digested and destroyed what it couldn’t process.

Happily and like other genres, History will remember a few successes and the uncompromising portrayal of a revolutionary flame through the most exotic cinematographies, some of which are part of this program.